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Free Benefits Assessment2019-07-25T08:32:28+11:00

Why request a Free Benefits Assessment*?

Let us assess your current energy usage for free* to see if your current system is meeting your energy needs. By doing so, you just might be able to:

  1. Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  2. Earn rebates and incentives from electricity retailers and networks
  3. Install a larger solar PV system
  4. Store your excess solar PV generation
  5. Use your solar PV during a power outage
  6. Own your own power business
  7. Operate off grid

If any of the above possibilities sound appealing, please fill out the form below.

Request Your Free Benefits Assessment*!

To get your Free Assessment, please complete the form below. We’ll be in touch over the next 5-6 business days.

*Free Site Assessments and Free Benefits Assessments are available for homeowners with space for at least 7 kWh of batteries and 5 kW of rooftop solar PV.